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Shampoo Bar Lavender & Shea
Coco-Vanilla & Shea Butter Shampoo Bars are a great alternative to liquid shampoo, they’ll leave hair happy and healthy without the need for packaging. Packed with exquisite essential oils and the freshest ingredients. They may fit in the palm of your hand but they have a lot to offer, giving you up to 60 washes!

How to use:

- Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair.
- Massage into your hair and scalp.
- When you’re happily lathered and massaged, rinse clean.

When you’re done:

- Keep your shampoo bar away from water and enjoy your clean scalp & hair.
*Sodium Cocoate - Primary Cleaning surfactant. A sodium salt of coconut acid. ( also commonly listed as coconut oil)
*Sorbitol - Obtained from leaves in some cases berries of mountain ash. Leaves the skin feeling smooth & silky.
*Sodium Palmitate- Vegetable based fatty acid. Derived from palm oil.
*Sodium Stearate - Another fatty acid used as a water proofing agent that helps the soap from turing into a jelly once wet.
*Di Water -purified water has been deIonized to remove impurities.
*Shea Butter - a non irritating smoothing oil high in phosphatides such as lecithin & Vitamins (A,E&K).
*Sweet Almond Oil - A soothing emollient which promotes spreadability and gives skin a smooth feel.
*Safflower Oil - A hydrating carrier oil that contains linoleic acid & Triglycerides derived from plant seeds.
*Jojoba Oil - Reduces transepidermal water loss producing skin with suppleness & softness.
*Aloe Vera Gel - The Mucilage obtained from aloe vera leaves, it has healing anti microbial & anti inflammatory properties.
*Vitamin E - Oil soluble antioxidant & free radical scavenger, also helps preserve the product.
*Coco-Vanilla Fragrance.